Consumer & Small Business Credit Scoring

B2B Service

Credit Risk Management
Credit Lifecycle - Customer Acquisition, Customer Management , Collections
  • Customer Acquisition

    Customer acquisition is to help clients make accept or reject decisions and decide the appropriate credit limit or interest rate in loan or card by evaluating a consumer’s risk level and the ability to pay.

  • Customer Management

    Customer management is to assist clients to decide whether an existing customer’s maturity should be extended or not, and recalculate a credit limit or interest rate through risk assessment.

  • Collections

    Collections are for supporting clients in managing delinquent customers through debt (customer) evaluation.

Model Management

KCB offers diverse solution and consulting services which are needed by financial companies
in the consumer lending processes, using its expertise, know-how and capabilities as a credit bureau

KCB has been completing client projects successfully, utilizing its proven model development methodologies and top talents.

  • Design models/strategies
    considering specific features
  • Develop best-performing
    Models taking development
    environment into account
  • Develop models accommodating
    changes to policies and
    customer characteristics
  • Expand and use available data
    in terms of quality and quantity
    (using big data and
    un-identification technologies)

B2C Service

AllCredit, your trusted partner in the financial life with reliable credit data and systematic credit management
AllCredit, equipped with the largest positive credit data as the first one in collecting such as data, helps you manage your credit, identity, and finance, daily necessities in your life.
  • Free credit check (three times a year)
    A consumer can check his or her credit status such as credit score, and use of cards or loans for free three times a year.
  • Free application for notification of credit score change(twice a month)
    A consumer can be notified of whether there is a change to his or her credit score by email or SMS twice a month.
  • Comprehensive Credit Management Plus
    With this, a consumer can manage credit in many aspects from checking credit score, seeing analysis report on current credit andunderstanding how to increase the score.
  • Financial Identity Protection
    A consumer can prevent identity theft which may occur in financial transactions by blocking illegal credit inquiry made with stolen identity and get compensation for damages if it happens.
  • Raising Credit Score
    A consumer can increase his or her credit score
    by proving unreflected economic activity
    through MyData and public data connection
  • Assets Valuation
    With MyData connection, a consumer can check
    how positive his or her asset score is
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Service Map

Credit Report

Credit data collected, processed and provided in the form of a report

  • Information on transaction in loans or credit cards with financial companies
  • Credit-related data at public organizations (such as bankruptcy, rehabilitation, business suspension or closure, etc.)
Credit Report
Personal Credit Report A comprehensive credit report which includes information on loans, credit cards, and delinquency to understand a consumer’s creditworthiness
SOHO Credit Report A comprehensive credit report which includes information on loans and delinquency to understand a micro-business owner’s creditworthiness
Transaction Alarm Changes which impact a consumer’s credit status are notified daily
Credit Services

Services that help measure the risk of credit default

Credit Services
k-score Service that provides a rating of each individual’s credit risk level
Subprime Score Service that provides a rating by segmenting customers who use high-interest credit loan products into the possibility of delinquency
Multiple Debt Risk Index Service that provides a rating of the potential risk of multiple debtors
Linked Loan Score
Service that provides a rating of the credit risk level of consumers using non-face-to-face platforms
MyData Score Service that provides a rating of the credit risk level using a variety of information collected with customer consent
Self Cure Score Service that provides a rating of the likelihood that overdue customers will repay within 30 days
SOHO Score Service that provides a rating of the probability that a small business owner is overdue for more than 90 days in the next 1 year
SOHO Watch Index Service to identify small business owners with a high potential risk in the future
Value-up Services

Services that improve customer relationships by increasing customer values

Value-up Services
Income Estimation Service that provides annual income and income based on asset size
K-DSR Service that estimates the customer’s actual debt repayment burden
Asset Evaluation Index Service that estimates the size of real estate assets and provides them in the form of index
Non-face-to-face Credit
Opening Availability Index
Service that estimates the possibility of opening loans for consumers using non-face-to-face platforms
SOHO Annual Sales
Estimation Model
Service that provides estimated annual sales of small business owners based on alternative information
Fraud Services

Services to help detect fraudulent transactions in advance

Fraud Services
R-Score Service that provides a rating of the possibility of personal rehabilitation application within the next 12 months
SAFE-A Service that provide a rating of fraudulent risk of loan and card application
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