CEO Message

Thank you for visiting KCB’s website.

KCB, which was founded with participation of major financial companies as shareholders in February 2005, is playing a pivotal role in Korea’s financial industry as important credit infrastructure.

KCB, as a leading credit bureau, has been presenting a new paradigm in the credit reporting industry by taking advantage of big data to further improve consumer credit scoring system, and also applying AI such as machine learning and deep learning technology to develop new methods of evaluating creditworthiness.

In addition, KCB is growing into a comprehensive credit bureau by expanding businesses such as business credit reporting service and MyData service.

KCB will be the best partner to promote the healthy and sound credit market by providing the customized services which reflect needs of customers including financial companies and supporting their credit risk management and decisioning.

On top of that, KCB will take the lead in facilitating advanced credit-based society of Korea by helping the public use credit in a sound and responsible manner, while putting top priority on data security.

KCB will continue to make its utmost efforts to become a credit bureau which is trusted by the public and customers, and creates new value.

I would like to ask for your unsparing support and attention.

Thank you.

Jong Sup Hwang
CEO Korea Credit Bureau
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